Synthetic 2018 data report of the French Language Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis Registry (RDPLF)

Keywords: CAPD, APD, Peritoneal dialysis, home dialysis, Registry, RDPLF, dialyse péritonéale, hémodialyse à domicile, registre


The RDPLF was created in 1986 and collects the main data of peritoneal dialysis of French patients and of various French-speaking countries. The database is structured in several modules: a compulsory core module including a follow-up of comorbidities, assistance, infections, survival, transplantation, and optional modules following more specific aspects: nursing, catheter, anemia, nutrition, heart failure. In addition, since 2012 patients treated at home in hemodialysis are also followed. This article presents a summary of the main characteristics of patients in the RDPLF in 2018. It highlights important differences in practices and patient profiles between francophone countries. Daily low dialysate flow rate hemodialysis is predominant in the new centers and sometimes begins to appear as a transitional mode that allows home maintenance for patients who cannot continue on peritoneal dialysis.