Ethical issues

Owner of the journal

The French Language Peritoneal Dialysis (and home hémodialysis) Registry (RDPLF) is th owner and publisher of Bulletin de la Dialyse à domicile (BDD). RDPLF is a non for profit association  which registers and analysis and publishes results of treatments in patients treated at home by dialysis (hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis). Its site is and more detail in the About menu :

The editorial board is compound of international known nephrologists and a registered nurse. Their curriculum vitae is available on line by clicking on their name.

The Editorial Committee of the Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile (BDD) is committed to maintaining a high level of integrity on published content.  The BDD commits itself to respect the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and directives of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). In particular, the members of the RDPLF and the Editorial Committee of the BDD will never leave their decision being influenced by considerations dealing with age, gender, religion, sexual preference, ethnicity, country, or political opinion.

In case of conflicts with the authors, we will follow the guidelines of COPE and ICMJE above.

Studies involving patients : papers submitted to BDD must comply with the principes of the Declaration of Helsinki.

Animals: Any study based on animal experimentation is not accepted in this journal whose main aim is to publish articles only dealing with home dialysis in humans.

1 – BDD editor ethics

The editor of BDD as well as the member of the editorial committee are engaged in not sharing information about manuscripts, including whether they have been received and are under review,  to anyone other than the authors and reviewers.

All peer reviews are double-blind, so we will not publish or publicize peer reviewers’ comments.  If a reviewer accepts or wants to disclose his or her name he or she should send his`/her written and authenticated written permission to the editor.

When a manuscript is definitely rejected,  all copies of the manuscript are deleted from the editorial system.

When a manuscript is published, we keep copies of the original submission, reviews, revisions, and correspondence in perpetuity, to help answer future questions about the work should they arise.

2- Authors' ethics

An author is one person who personally wrote the text partially or totally, and/or participated significantly in the record and analysis of the data for the submitted paper, the person who suggested or coached the work, or any person who actively and personally participated in the conception and realization of the work. Nobody should be added for reasons other than a personal involvement in the work published.

At the end of the articles, the roles of each author should be explained

Any conflict of interest must be declared: a form is sent to all co-authors before publication so that they accept the publication and declare any conflict of interest. If it is impossible to contact a co-author, we ask the main author to send us the form signed by the co-author. If this cannot be obtained, we inform the main author that the name of this co-author cannot be maintained.

The form will be kept definitely by the RDPLF

Financing of the work, if any, must be explained.

Plagiarism : The BDD uses plagiarism detection software to check the submissions it receives.

As the journal is bilingual, each article is checked both in french and English for plagiarism

 by CrossRef Similary check with Ithenticate 

- If submission of an article has a similarity check of more than 20 %  a mail is sent to the main author with the report of the similarities detected and he is kindly requested to resubmit his paper with more personal considerations.

- in case of retraction by the author, once the article has been published and indexed: retraction information will replace the summary of the article on the landing page of BDD, in addition, a retraction letter will be asked to the author and published in the journal for information, as soon as possible.

- In case of conflict with the authors or allegation of misconduct we will follow the decision tree published by Elsevier for their journals at url or COPE guidelines (

Confidentiality may have to be breached if dishonesty or fraud is alleged, but editors will notify authors or reviewers if we intend to do so and confidentiality will be always otherwise honored.

Peer-review policy and process :

For review policy and process please use this link :