Home hemodialysis with a central venous catheter

  • Marion Gallot-Grelier CHD Vendée, La Roche sur Yon
  • Emilie Vincent CHD Vendée, La Roche sur Yon
  • Natalia Target CHD Vendée, La Roche sur Yon
Keywords: central venous catheter, home hemodialysis, cathéter central, hémodialyse à domicile


Nowadays, there is a trend towards the development of home dialysis ; more than 300 patients in France benefit from this technique, mostly on a daily rythm (between 4 to 7 sessions per week, in a short period : 2 to 3 hours per session).

The majority of patients in home dialysis programs have an arterio-venous fistula as a vascular access. According to the RDPLF reports, only 13 patients dialyse regularly with a central venous catheter.

In this article we report the first patient trained for home dialysis making a self-connexion with the Physidia S3 system.