Clinical implications of the implementation of a new automated peritoneal dialysis remote patient management system with cloud-based

  • Valérie Jotterand-Drepper CHU Geneva
Keywords: peritoneal dialysis, APD, remote control, telemidicine, claria, sharesource, telemedicine, automated peritoneal dialysis, télésurveillance, dialyse péritonéale automatisée


In the last decades, remote patient management (RPM) has been of growing interest in medical fields. In this article we describe the clinical implications of the implementation of a newly available automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) RPM system with cloud-based connectivity. This system provides data sent from the cycler about the course of the peritoneal dialysis (PD) therapy, offering the medical team the opportunity to analyse them on an everyday basis and subsequently remotely alter PD prescription.The main advantages discussed here are sparing of long or difficult travels, especially for patients with social, geographical or physical limitations, early identification and management of occurring issues such as catheter dysfunction or non-adherence to prescribed PD therapy, a potential clue to an imminent peritonitis, and finally a more personalized APD prescription. Further impacts of the implementation of RPM in peritoneal dialysis on patients outcomes, health costs and its potential influence on a greater take-on rate of the technique have still to be evaluated