• Christian Verger RDPLF, (Pontoise France)
  • Max Dratwa Hopital Universitaire Brugmann – Bruxelles – Belgique




bilingual publication


The Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile (Home Dialysis Bulletin) has been in existence for one year and 3 months (first issue in June 2018). The number of articles downloads, between 150 and 300 times, highlights its success  with nurses and nephrologists. We thank all the authors who submitted an article and our "reviewers" who provided a double-blind critical review. All our "reviewers" are external to the editorial board, renowned for their skills in the fields of submitted publications; until now they have been from France, Belgium, Canada and Argentina. The journal's website has been completed, as well as the editorial process, in order to be in line with the international best practice recommendations for the scientific Open Access journals. We are working to get an indexation soon.
In this issue we inaugurate a new mode of publication: the articles are, for the most part, published both in French and English (the English version is at the end of the French version in downloadable pdf files). This makes it possible to receive articles in both languages ​​and make their continuum accessible to both the Francophone and Anglophone communities.
We hope to create a bridge between the nursing and nephrology teams of those communities, strengthening the dialog between cultures and increasing the dissemination of submitted work.

Dr Christian Verger, Prof Max Dratwa, editors in chief of Bulletin de la Dialyse à Domicile.





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Verger C, Dratwa M. Editorial. Bull Dial Domic [Internet]. 2019 Aug. 20 [cited 2024 Feb. 22];2(3):117-8. Available from: https://bdd.rdplf.org/index.php/bdd/article/view/21473